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geology et al
some days are pretty good
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I saw the moons of jupiter last night
Mood:  amorous
Topic: some days are pretty good
I didn't think with my nearsightedness that I would enjoy looking through a telescope. But it was....quite an experience. I even saw the pinpricks of light around Jupiter, the moons. Although the terrestrial enthralls me more than the celestial, I have an appreciation for the cosmos and for the realization that everything in it is made of the same elements that make up the earth.

Speaking of which....I was always told that stromatolite is a two billion year old Minnesota fossils. This is true, but there are older rocks in Minnesota. There is the ely greenstone, which is a metamorphic rock altered from lava flows of basalt. In the Soudan formation, it is interbedded with jasper (formed when iron oxide and silicas were precipitated out of the waters of the Archeozoic seas). There is graphite present in some of these rocks, usually indicative of plant life. I wonder if I have any ely greenstone in my possession? I don't remember what it looks like but to my recollection it was greenish gray and not all that attractive. According to a book I once read, it has air bubbles in it formed from gas trapped in the molten lava, and large egg shaped formations typical of lava flows that solidify under water.

I need to get back to writing. I am thinking of a confession. The germ of an idea is forming. What if there lived a woman so lonely and desperate to meet someone she resorts to.....but I cannot say it here or else I will never write the story.

It's garden planting time.

Posted by oh5/ojhoff at 6:41 PM CDT
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