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geology et al
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time to order a new book
Mood:  hungry
Topic: geology et al
Geology texts aren't written in stone. That is to say, an old book is just that. It's valid to a point, but the study of the earth is ongoing. I like my books but sometimes I feel I am stuck in the past, and it's not the geological past.

I live in one of the counties that is not mentioned in the book I am reading. Although I feel it is quite significant that springs on this farm feed into the Bungashing, which in turn feeds into the Mississippi. Lake Itasca is recognized as the source of the Mississippi but who knows what the true source is?

Back to the minerals. Sphalerite is also a sulfide, and an ore of zinc. Sphalerite crystals are attractive but I have not heard of anyone using them for lapidary purposes. In this group are also metacinnabar (an unusual mineral that when heated in the laboratory changes to regular cinnabar), tiemannite, and the poisonous coloradoite. I think the old time rockhounds were less inclined to collect these minerals because they were not as useful for lapidary purposes, that is unless they had a special interest in mineralogy. My grandfather had quite a few as he was interested in geology. He had a geiger counter and a black light (not as easy to obtain as nowadays). I remember asking for a chemistry set for Christmas but it was not forthcoming. Instead, I got a microscope. I don't remember asking for a telescope. As of right now, I would llike all of these things and a spectroscope besides.

I'm working on my confession. The person who gave me the idea for this story didn't tell me enough to write a vivid story. I am making it up and telling it from a man's point of view, wondering all the while if it doesn't still sound like a woman wrote it.

Posted by oh5/ojhoff at 3:47 PM CDT
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