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Rocks In My Head — Profile

Name:  Olivia Jane Hoff
Location:  Bemidji Minnesota
Birthday:  11 November, 1951
Bio:  My current occupations are writing, desktop publishing, running a tourist shop, farming (although it's not very the way I detest the term hobby farm), and working a few hours per week as a church secretary. Actually, I have not accomplished a lot in this life but since I still have a lot of good years left, I hope to become something or somebody.
Interests:  History, art, science, religion, gardening, hiking, horses, dogs, politics, reading, books, plays, poetry, geology. Life is too short to pursue all my interests. What I am NOT interested in....SPORTS. I hate all sports. I am not interested in hunting and fishing even though I live in northern Minnesota. I belong to a Lutheran church but I'm not a gung-ho Lutheran fanatic or anything. In fact, I'm pretty open minded about the point that I am studying the Bible with a Jehovah's Witness lady. Do you know what scares me? Some days I realize how juvenile my attitude is compared to my age...and what people must think about that. Not that I care...much... If anyone reads this, which is unlikely, be sure to visit my website at
Blog Created:  02/07/04
Last Updated:  09/29/19 - 8:23 PM CDT
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